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About Global Freedom Mavro

Global Freedom Mavro (GFM) is a financial peer to peer community where Magnanimity beget financial freedom and same metamorphose into eradication of poverty and creating a healthy social environment that is void of greed, stinginess and wickedness.

Funds are transfered between participants

GFM does not hold any money. All the funds are transfered between participants


GFM is security conscious and continues to employ the best security standard(s) to protect your data and accounts from hackers.

Anti Hit & Run

Our System built with Anti Hit & Run proof

Money Rule

We have also added new money rule and it is computed as (Highest PH - Highest GH + New PH) x 10% to ensure stability

Our Idealogy

Global Freedom Mavro has its foundation firmly rooted in the ideologies of MMM; creating a fair financial world that gives financial capabilities not just to the bourgeoisies but also the proletariats. Saving Funds In Bank Has Done More Harm Than Good!!!! What lies behind the social welfare? Labor. But why do bankers live a hundred times better than common people who really work hard? Do the bankers work harder? Definitely they don't! In addition, they do not even produce any material values, as opposed to the workers. Why then is the bank income so enormous?

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We Are Inspired by Sergei Mavrodi

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